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All about mentoplasty


What is mentoplasty? 

Mentoplasty is a surgical procedure that seeks to improve the appearance of the face, harmonizing facial features and balancing the proportions between the nose, mouth and chin. Mentoplasty can be augmentation or reduction, depending on the needs and desires of each patient. 

Why is mentoplasty done?

Mentoplasty is done for aesthetic or functional reasons. Some people may feel unhappy with the shape or size of their chin, which can affect their self-esteem and confidence. Other people may have breathing or chewing problems due to a malformation or injury to the chin. Mentoplasty can help improve the quality of life of these people, by correcting anomalies and providing a more harmonious and natural appearance to the face. 

What is the procedure when performing mentoplasty? 

Mentoplasty is performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the complexity of the case and the patient's preferences. The surgeon makes an incision inside the mouth or under the chin to access the jaw bone. Then, the surgeon can place an implant made of silicone or other biocompatible material to increase volume and project the chin forward. Or, the surgeon may cut and reshape the jaw bone, reducing the size and retracting the chin back. Finally, the surgeon closes the incision with sutures and places a splint or bandage to protect the operated area. 

What are the necessary care for this surgery? 

Mentoplasty is performed in a specialized medical center, with a team of trained professionals and with the necessary safety and hygiene protocols. The duration of the surgery can vary between 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the type of mentoplasty and the individual characteristics of each patient. After surgery, the patient should follow the surgeon's instructions, such as taking prescribed medications, avoiding hard or spicy foods, maintaining good oral hygiene, sleeping with the head elevated, and avoiding blows or sudden movements to the face. Recovery time can be one to two weeks, during which the patient may experience swelling, bruising, pain or tenderness in the operated area. These symptoms are normal and usually disappear progressively. The final result of mentoplasty can be seen after a few months, when the inflammation has completely resolved and the tissues have adapted to the new facial contour. It is also important to use special products for progressive recovery such as a chin guard, this will effectively take care of the surgery and your face in general. 

At the Puramás brand we have the perfect chin guard for recovery from said surgery, it is gentle on your skin and perfect to help you have the desired results. 

How does the chin strap work?

Simply place the pad on your chin so as not to hurt yourself, adjust it over your ears and put the lock on top of your head as you want, and that's it, you can sleep peacefully and comfortably or have it on all day for quick results. Among other benefits that this chin guard has are: acts as a neck and double chin reducer. Firms and tones facial tissues after surgery. It adapts to different face morphologies. Its quality is exclusive, soft materials and perfect for delicate skin. and its most important characteristics are. It is unisex. It provides softness and comfort every time you use it. It is made with durable and very resistant materials.

explanation about mentoplasty.

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