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What is lordosis and kyphosis?

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Lordosis is an excessive inward curve in the lower back. It is the inward curve of the lumbar spine just above the buttocks. A small degree of lordosis is normal. Too much lordotic curvature is called hyperlordosis. while kyphosis is an excessive outward curve in the upper back or neck area. In older people, kyphosis is usually due to weakness in the bones of the spine, causing them to fracture and compress. Most common symptoms of lordosis.

• Back spasms and difficulty moving the neck.

• Numbness and a tingling or painful sensation.

• Loss of bladder control. Symptoms of kyphosis. Mild kyphosis may not have noticeable signs or symptoms. In fact, the upper back naturally has a bit of kyphosis. People with excessive curvature may experience pain and stiffness in their back.

What are these conditions due to?

Well, the causes of lordosis and kyphosis can vary, but some of the most common reasons include.


• Overweight, muscle weakness in the abdomen and buttocks. • Pregnancy, which can shift the center of gravity.

• Poor postural habits, such as sitting in a hunched position for long periods of time.


• Poor posture, especially when sitting in front of a computer or constantly looking at a mobile device.

• Osteoporosis, which weakens the bones of the spine.

• Diseases or conditions that affect the spine.

What to do if you suffer from Lordosis or Kyphosis?

If you suspect you have lordosis or kyphosis, it is important to seek guidance from a healthcare professional, such as a physical therapist or doctor. However, here are some general tips that might help you.

1. Muscle strengthening. Perform exercises to strengthen your core and back muscles, such as abdominals, lumbar and dorsal muscles.

2. Stretching. It incorporates stretching exercises to improve the flexibility of the spine and the muscles involved.

3. Ergonomics. Make sure you maintain good posture when sitting and standing. Adjust your work area to be ergonomically appropriate and use orthopedic products to improve your daily posture.

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