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The valgus foot

This is what valgus foot looks like.

What is foot valgus?

Foot valgus is a congenital pathology in which the heels turn outward and the toes turn inward. It is necessary and essential to pay due attention to the foot from an early age; in most cases it is already in adulthood when the required attention is given due to pain or discomfort that appears suddenly and there is a risk that these have become a problem forever for not preventing them or curing the pathologies that cause them in due time.

Below are some of the main symptoms of foot valgus

*They are pronator, this means that the direction of their step is towards the inside of the heel. For this reason, you can see that your shoes are worn out on that side.

*The appearance of a flat foot with the ankles falling inward and the big toes also turned in the same direction, however, when sitting or lying down, the inner arch of the foot is elevated and appears normal, this differentiates it from a flat foot.

*Valgus foot, if not treated, can generate deformities such as bunions or claw toes over time because it exerts an unbalanced load on the foot. It also causes a loss of cushioning when walking. In addition to the aforementioned, it is common to suffer fatigue when walking and running.

What causes foot valgus?

Hereditary factors: bone and joint alignment can be a fairly strong cause of foot valgus, as well as ligament laxity or tightness in the calf muscle. Poor posture: Abnormal deviation of the spine, hip problems, deterioration of the meniscus and also interfere with the normal development of bone and muscle growth, can seriously interfere with our feet.

Finally, what to do with foot valgus?

Foot valgus can be diagnosed early from the age of 3 years and can be completely resolved with the use and follow-up of appropriate treatment prescribed by your podiatrist. Periodic stretching until the foot acquires its normal shape. In the most rigid cases, if the case is serious you should go to a surgeon, the orthopedic surgeon may advise treatment with corrective splints. In the presence of this mild condition, one of the most effective treatments is the use of therapeutic insoles, tailored to each person and adapted to their lifestyle and the characteristics of their feet. In fact, using custom templates has been shown to resolve up to 90% of cases.

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Explanation about vagus and valgus foot.

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